On April 24th, 2006 a Romanian business delegation headed by H.E. Iuliu Winkler, the Minister of the Economy visited the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • “On April 24th, 2006 a Romanian business delegation headed by H.E. Iuliu Winkler, the Minister of the Economy visited the San Francisco Bay Area.
    H. E. Iuliu Winkler
    H. E. Iuliu Winkler

    The Romanian business people accompanying Mr. Winkler included Mihai Ichim, CEO of Intel-ldei (www.intelidei.com, Lucian Balasa, manager of the Constanta company Instronica (www.instronica.ro), Daniel Iane manager of Indaco Systems (www.indaco.ro) and Paul Chiriac, CEO of InsideSoftware. (www.insidesoftware.ro).

    In the morning of that day, the delegation attended a roundtable discussion organized by George Roth, President of Recognos Inc at the Sheraton Hotel in Palo Alto. A visit to Stanford University followed.

    In the afternoon, the Honorary Consul of Romania in San Francisco, the Romanian Business Network and Hewlett Packard Corporation jointly organized a business forum “Business in Romania in the Era of Pre-accession to the European Union”, held at Hewlett Packard’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California. This forum provided an opportunity for the Romanian companies to showcase their products and California companies which do business in Romania to present their business experience there. Speakers included George Haber (CrestaTech); Yitzchak Ehrlich (Dynamic Ventures); Walter Reichert (Hewlett Packard); Monica Kaut (Innova/Ness); Mark Andrews (Intelisynch); George Roth (Recognos Inc.); Greg Hines (Solectron).

    In an interview granted to the Los Angeles paper Meridianul Romanesc, H.E. Iuliu Winkler discussed recent economic developments. Romania’s economy grew 4.7% in 2005; in 2006 the growth rate is expected to exceed 5%.. Romania has recently introduced a flat tax rate of 16% for both companies and individuals; a measure which will contribute to Romania’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

    (Adapted from “IT-ul romanesc fata in fata cu cel American”, by Laura Cosovanu, and interview of Iuliu Winkler by Ludwig Galambos, courtesy Meridianul Romanesc, www.meridianul.com

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