If you need assistance

Dear Friends,
I would like to send you this message and to ask you to feel free to use this media to connect with us if you need info or assistance.
In these unprecedented times, is very important to look around for those in need, known or unknown and help them,  We became all FAMILY now in this world !!! 
If you need any help, please contact me at groth@recognos.com.
My email is groth@recognos.com
I wish you all to weather these strange times as well as you can, enjoy your family, help others and ask for help if you need anything.
Our group is made of fantastic people, a lot of entrepreneurs that know  how to setup in situations like this. Any problem can get a solution !!!
We can also help to connect with the great team at the LA Consulate General in Romania who has Consular Powers.
Stay Healthy, safe , help the needy around you.
Dana Beldiman  – Honorary Consul General of Romania San Francisco
George Roth – Honorary Consul of Romania – San Francisco